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Hey, Everybody.

Thanks for visiting HASSCASTS.com, welcome. If you haven’t been here before or aren’t aware of HASSCASTS, my name is John and I post free tips, tricks and tutorials, mainly related to the Home Assistant Home automation platform.

Currently, I do not have a posting schedule for either my videos or my blog posts. I am currently transitioning from prerecorded & produced videos over to live videos. This is due to my various physical and mental disabilities. I explain all about them in my 1st live stream and why it is better for me doing live streams.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF5eS5O3z8w[/embedyt]

Just in case you haven’t used Home Assistant before, it is a Home Automation platform that allows over 1000 components (types of integration) to work together and allows one to create a well-integrated Smart Home environment. It doesn’t cost the earth to start either, in fact. You can start for free. Most people have smart mobile phones and there are several things that you could do just with your mobile phone and Home Assistant.

If you wanted to start by adding a smart home device, then I recommend the Sonoff S20. It’s a decent smart socket, comes in at a decent price and is an ideal start piece. When you get more into it, you could always transform the Sonoff by flashing custom firmware to it that will allow you to fine-tune its behaviour.

A picture of several Sonoff S20s

Read my review of the Sonoff S20

From my experience, many people usually start small and then upgrade their Smart Home, as they go on and understand more about Home Automation.

As this is a new site, and I’ve previously been concentrating on videos, I am always open to suggestions as to what articles, posts, videos you would like to see on here.

One of the first things I’ll be doing is posting a list of project, posts and videos that I may do. Any of you could comment on the list and let me know which you prefer.

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Thanks for checking out the HASSCASTS website and I appreciate all the support and help all have you have and still are giving me.



I am a disabled veteran of 3 tours of Iraq and a tour of Afghanistan as part of the British Army. No longer able to work as I have to lay down on a sofa-bed in my living room 20-ish hours a day. I'm hoping to be able to make a living blogging about my Home Automation /Smart Home journey and maybe regain some dignity in life.

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