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So you’ve updated to Home Assistant v0.105 and you can’t wait to use the new Home Assistant Zone Editor.

Update in Home Assistant

…once you’ve entered the information into the form, the new zone will be created and visible on the right.

Resizing zones

It’s now simply a matter of grabbing the circle on the edge of the zone and moving it. Closer to the center of the zone will shrink it. Likewise, away from the center will enlarge the area of the zone. As far as I’m aware, this is something that wasn’t possible before.

You can fine-tune/move the zone by clicking on the icon at the center of the zone and dragging it.

Image of the finished zone that now be resized or moved
Drag&drop the zone or resize it to your heart’s content

That’s it, all done

Delete a zone

Deleting a zone is also easy, just click on the pencil/edit icon at the side of the zone name. You’ll then see a “DELETE” option in the popup. It’s in nice bright red letters so that you don’t press it by accident.

Zone Editor Upgrade Errors?

If you had zones that were configured in your configuration.yaml file (or sub-file) then the system may not be able to recognise your existing entries.

According to the docs for the new feature, a name is now required for the zones set in the yaml files. My single yaml entry did have a name with it, but for some reason was still not recognised, and stopped the rest of the Zone Editor from working.

Image of a persistent notification in Home Assistant showing that the old config for zones has failed

I just get a spinner

If you are just getting a spinning circle after you click on the edit/pencil icon, the chances are that you have one or more zones manually configured that are somehow stopping the Zone Editor from loading.

For the record: there’s nothing wrong with having manually configured zones in your configuration.yaml (or sub-file), but they will be read-only in the UI, and of course, set up according to the zone docs.

  name: Home
  latitude:  51.206973
  longitude: 6.126999
  radius: 30
  icon: 'mdi:home'
  passive: false
  hidden: false
  # My previous address

As you can see from the above snippet taken directly from my setup (except the coordinates), the entry has a name and was still not recognised. I’ll report this bug and keep you up to date. Maybe it’s because I don’t/didn’t have a dash at the beginning of “name”?

Grabbing the coordinates from your existing yaml entries is quite straight forward, just track down where in your configuration you kept the zones & copy them.

Comment out the existing zone entries, including the root “zone” entry and restart Home Assistant.

Then when you go back into the map panel and click on the edit icon you should see a sidebar to the right with your “Home” zone.

What do you think of Zone Editor?

Let me know in the comments what you think to the zone editor. It’s yet another reason why I think Home Assistant is the place to be when it comes to smart homes and home automation in general.

If you don’t want to leave a comment below, that’s fine. Maybe you’d prefer to contact me via the contact me page. No? then why not go through one of the social media links at the top?


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