Help: CCTV Systems

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Hey Everyone, as part of the off-the-grid series. I need your help with your honest opinion.

I would love to know:

  1. Why do people run systems like Swann & Wyze?
  2. What attracted you to the system?
  3. If you pay for the service, how much do you pay, & what do you pay for?
  4. What system do you use?
  5. Is there anything else you can tell me that you think will help me out?

Thanks, as usual, go to Unsplash for the featured image. This one was by Alex Iby

unsplash-logoAlex Iby


I am a disabled veteran of 3 tours of Iraq and a tour of Afghanistan as part of the British Army. No longer able to work as I have to lay down on a sofa-bed in my living room 20-ish hours a day. I'm hoping to be able to make a living blogging about my Home Automation /Smart Home journey and maybe regain some dignity in life.

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