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Part of the #OffTheGrid series

Hey, Everyone. I know that some of you are waiting for the CCTV system comparison. If you are one of those people, I have some bad news for you… the spreadsheet is taking too long to do.

Each manufacturer I’ve done has taken me at least 12 hours and, as there are 20, it would simply take too long to do them all.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to publish the ones I’ve already done and left it at that.

If you want to know more about the process I’ve followed, I recommend you check out the case study I did into the CCTV system, using the Anlapus system as an example.

CCTV Systems looked at & their scores

LinkLink to unitLink to unitLink to unitLink to unit
Camera resolutionMP/s2553
FPSa = System FPS
b = Number of possible cameras
c = FPS per camera
a / b = c
PriceIn GBP1912601350
Compression level1 = H.264
2 = H.264+
3 = H.265
4 = H.265+
0 = None of the above
Zoom levelActual zoom level1111
Zoom type0 = None
1 = Digital
2 = Optical
Configurable regions0 = No
1 = Yes
Night vision distanceIn feet100100100300 2
Audio (camera)0 = None
1 = 1 Way
2 = 2 Way
Firmware updates0 = No
1 = Yes
Default credentials0 = Blank password, probably with “admin” as username
1 = Easy password
2 = Random password, Easy username
3 = Device specific credentials
4 = Biometrics, I can’t see this happening though
2.5 3333
Video file storageONE point for each that applies:
* SD card (on camera)
* Cloud storage from manufacturer/provider without subscription
* SD card (on DVR/NVR)
* USB device
* Local network (eg FTP)
* Personal cloud storage (eg Nextcloud)
* Commercial cloud storage (eg Google Drive)
BackupsONE point for each that applies:
* SD card (on camera)
* Cloud storage from manufacturer/provider without subscription
* SD card (on DVR/NVR)
* USB device
* Local network (eg FTP)
* Personal cloud storage (eg Nextcloud)
* Commercial cloud storage (eg Google Drive)
Notifications0 = No
1 = Yes
Global availability1 = Only available in 1 continent
2 = Only available in 2 continents
3 = Available in 3 or more continents
ONVIF Compliance0 = Non-compliant
1 = Compliant
RTSP Streaming0 = No RTSP
1 = RTSP Available via 3rd party
2 = RTSP available natively from manufacturer/provider
PoE0 = No PoE Support
1 = PoE Support
Camera lens size/aperturemm3.6 42.83.64
Camera viewing angledegrees90 585.595
Camera IP rating0 = No IP rating
1 = It has an IP rating but one under IP65
2 = IP65 – dust tight & protected against water projected from a nozzle
3 = IP66 – dust tight & protected against powerful jets of water
4 = IP67 – dust tight & protection against immersion for 30 mins at depths 150mm – 1000mm
5 = IP68 – dust tight & protected against complete, continuous submersion in water
Number of camerasAs is4444
Number of channelsAs is81088
Internal storage sizeTB1222
Scheduled operation0 = No
1 = Yes
Motion-activated operation0 = No
1 = Yes
Continuous recording0 = No
1 = Yes
Manual available for download0 = No
1 = Single language
2 = Multiple languages
The Company0 = Stop listing this company now
1 = SEVERAL data breaches
2 = Unreliable company
3 = ONE data breach – lessons learned
4 = Nope, everything is OK
The App
The review ratingsThe review rating as is, taken from the Google Play Store2.
Notification meaningfulness0 = Complicated notifications
1 = Meaningful notifications
Audio0 = No audio
1 = 1 Way
2 = 2 Way
App permissions0 = Too many permissions needed (IMHO)
1 = Just the right amount of permissions needed
Other apps0 = The devs other apps are terrible
1 = The other apps are ok
2 = I would give this developer my Grandmother’s false teeth to gamble on an app (sorry Nanan)
Open-source0 = No open-source projects available
1 = Some PRs etc available
2 = Some open-source apps available
3 = Plenty of open-source with a good track record
Previous security breaches0 = This developer has been associated with several breaches
1 = No beraches, but no other code or apps
2 = ONE breach, handled properly
3 = ONE breach, lessons learned & well handled
4 = ONE breach, no lessons learned or not handled well
5 = No data breaches over several apps.

General findings

Most of the CCTV systems I did look at were much of a muchness, there were a few stand-out features that did catch my eye though, such as:

  • Full-colour night vision (you need to make sure you have a source of light though)

I did find that several companies were possibly linked through parent companies, as they shared many of the same things, such as camera/DVR/NVR design and their websites had very similar website feature tables & images etc.

Does this mean they were owned by the same company? I don’t know, it may be that they are just using the same WordPress/store-front theme.

What would I settle for?

Well, for me personally, my ideal system would at least have…

  • a manufacturers website where I could…
    • download any updated firmware
    • obtain a new manual
    • contact the company for support
  • a system that doesn’t have a default username/password
  • 4 PoE cameras, on an 8 camera NVR
  • FTP backup
  • H265+ compression
  • each camera at 1920 x 1080 @ 25FPS
  • 25m night vision
  • ONVIF compliance
  • from an established company with a good record on security

Lessons learnt whilst doing these CCTV posts

These CCTV posts have been a bit of an eye-opener.

I often forget just how much time I have to spend either laid on my back doing little work; laid on my front doing no work, or just doped up on Morphine & other pain relief. That’s not including the other non-pain related meds I need to take.

That means that I often try and fit too much in and say I’ll do way too much. This series is an ideal case in point.

For the next #OffTheGrid item, I won’t say that I’ll be doing such an in-depth article. What I may do, is just do a case study offering my thoughts on what to look out for with the respective services/items.

I think the best approach for you to follow, is to look at the case study and see what I have been looking at.

Honest Guv! (errata)

I did the best job I could for this comparison, given the distractions that I face on a daily basis. But if any information is incorrect then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Or you could get in touch via Twitter… or even Facebook (links at the top of the page).


  1. I inquired to Anpviz through the product page using the “Inquire” feature about a week ago, but I still haven’t had a reply.
  2. I have given a night vision score of 300 as these cameras offer full-colour night vision. This means that doing any scoring calculation, the full-colour cameras will receive around 3 times the value of the 100-foot night vision cameras.
  3. When there’s an invalid score, it’s simply the closest one I can come up with.
  4. There are 2 different figures available on the manufacturer’s site, more information can be found on the case study that focuses on this particular CCTV set.
  5. Again, there are 2 different figures available on the manufacturer’s site, more information can be found in the case study.


As always, my featured image comes from Unsplash and this one is from Lucas Gallone

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